Adrenalin and endorphin

Adrenalin and endorphin

Painting, installation, performance

06.10.2010 - 24.10.2010


About the exhibition

Original style of Roland Shalamberidze’s art could be happily described by combination of two hormones: aggressive adrenaline and tranquilу endorphin. He is extremely courageous and even shocking in bright paintings, objects and complicated constructions, which could be named as assemblages of painting and collage, and straightly following to the vector of contemporary art. It looks like adrenaline ejection is occurring here. An interest to extraordinary materials is coming to the artist in a creative impulse, he uses rubber, crystals, photographic paper, and even bright tie and giant python skin. In his last series he has included grains, breadcrumbs, and human’s liquids: perspiration, tears, sperm, blood, which are have already income in the history of art of XX century. 
Arts, presented in the exhibition, use physiology deeply, in ideologically hormonal level. Adrenaline drive appearing in blot-looking color explosions, pressure of orderly built photosquares, fighting eyes, pricking your mind by their escapes out of the painting frames. Certainly in the artist’s creativity there is one more very important hormone: this is testosterone. We can feel erotic grounds also in the mostly innocent paintings, but it is closer to the inspiration and creative genesis. The same craziness is attending Shalamberidze’s performances, where music experiments, theatricality and paint-spraying improvisation are escaping out the irrepressible need of self-expression and is obviously due to artist’s temperament. However every coin has two sides. Oriental contemplative comes to the viewer in the restrained graphics, where Shalamberidze subtly uses transparent facture of tracing-paper, reminiscent on rice paper, and black marker lines looks like hieroglyphs aftersound, which has been lost their semantic, and became meaning free and offered just an external beauty and spiritual fulfillment. Adrenaline fountain has absorbed by the endorphin stream, bearing just happiness and tranquility. In practice we could describe adrenaline and endorphin flows in artist’s creativity with another terminological pair, Nietzsche’s categories Apollonian and Dionysian. Extremes cannot exist without each other and are coalescing into a coherent whole in the artist’s personality – here are and ecstatic Dionysus and harmonious Apollo. 

Artem Magalashvili